Meet our Founder

Recognizing the void for elite fitness and training in the Twin Cities, Deventri Jordan founded Game Face Training. Game Face is best known for its success in training professional athletes; however, Jordan is committed to improving the competitive abilities of all participants through scientifically-based, cutting-edge techniques. His state-of-the-art, 12,000 square foot facility offers customized programs that have been refined and practiced by top professional athletes across the country. Jordan has provided personal services to the country’s top fitness companies: API IMG Academy Edge Sports. In addition, he has established and assisted a wide range of professional athletes to include: Adrian Peterson, Marion Barber, Bobby Wade, and Sidney Rice. Prior to starting GameFace Training, Jordan was Vice President, Player Development & Relations for Bite Tech in which he was responsible for all business initiatives in Professional and Collegiate sports services divisions including NFL, NBA, and MLB. His extensive experience is solidified with a Masters Degree in Kinesiology, Certifications in US Olympic Weightlifting, The C.H.E.K Institute, Corrective Exercise, and Certified Personal Training.

The Gym


Our facilities provide a perfect environment for athletes in Minnesota. Due to our inclement weather at times we’ve realized indoors is the best option. We’ve made it possible for athletes of any sport to have the space needed to re create movements, and even perform a full 40-yard dash on turf! With 60 yards of indoor turf and a state of the art weight room, we have what it takes to bring everything to you in one convinient location!