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Training Athletes for the Next Level of Performance

GameFace is the advantage your high school athletes need. With more than 15 years of experience in proven sports performance training, our experienced coaches and state-of-the-art Life Time facilities combine for elite-level results.
Our Customized Approach
GameFace training is a 360-approach to health and fitness that includes nutrition and recovery to help increase speed, agility and coordination.
Experienced Coaches
They know what it takes. Our coaches have worked with all levels of athletes from varsity to the pros.
Nutrition & Recovery
Food is fuel and it’s an integral part of your body’s natural ability to grow and repair itself while helping prevent injury.
We customize your training using the most sophisticated weights and cardio equipment available.
Train to Win
Partner with GameFace and enroll your athletes today. Together, we’ll begin building a foundation of skills, then move on to a multi-part progression to develop speed and strength. Everything they do will be geared towards making them the BEST athletes and players they can be.
Ages 12–18 will work to improve your athletic ability with varsity programming focused on speed, explosiveness and movement.
Don’t just make the team, become the best player on it. Our D1 programming helps ages 16–18 improve speed, explosiveness and movement.
Available for ages 14 and up, we combine training and nutrition with interview preparation and position-specific coaching for optimal performance in any sport.