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TRIA GameFace sports performance training builds better athletes

Train like the pros with experienced coaches at our world-class training facility in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. TRIA GameFace offers sports performance training to help athletes of all sports achieve their goals. We’ll help you build a solid foundation of total-body athleticism with our proprietary approach focused on strength, movement and agility.

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Our sports performance program is your path to victory

With over 20 years of experience in sports performance, exercise science and kinesiology, we've developed training programs designed to take performance to the next level. We create personalized sports performance plans focused on physical conditioning, mental training, nutrition plans and recovery for athletes of all levels and in every sport.

Our Sports Performance

Training for
all levels

We’ve coached athletes just beginning their training journey to D1 college athletes and the pros.

Our Sports Performance

Comprehensive coaching

We train the complete athlete with a proven approach that builds power, movement and mental strength.

Our Sports Performance

Blending sports medicine and performance

Work with TRIA physical therapists on site if you’re healing from an injury or need support in training recovery.

A performance coach overseeing an athlete do a leg drill.
A female athlete running on a turf field.

See how TRIA GameFace can help you with a sports performance evaluation


Customized training programs for athletes at all levels

TRIA GameFace delivers customized sports performance training for varsity, college and elite-level athletes who play all sports. Our coaches build strong bodies and winning mindsets with our propriety sports performance training program, nutrition and recovery system.

When winning matters, shortcuts aren’t an option. We take a holistic approach to coaching, offering personalized, total-body training.

An athlete doing a movement drill on a turf field.


Our youth sports performance training program is designed to give young athletes a solid foundation. Athletes ages 12-14 master the basics of form and function through strength and movement exercises in a group training setting.

An athlete does a medicine ball drill.

The D1 level is the right fit for athletes ages 15-18 who are ready for higher intensity training. We’ll guide smaller groups through customized sports performance training, recovery and nutrition.

A sports performance coach guides an athlete through a lower-body exercise

College-level and professional athletes train at the elite level. In addition to buddy training, athletes also have access to biomechanical scans, recovery programs, meal plans, massages and more.

A team of athletes are gathered alongside a wall doing leg movement drills.

Teams who train together win together. This sports performance training program is ideal for coaches who want intense training for their athletes while preventing over-training for their sport.

our sports performance evaluation process

Before we train any athlete, we start with a complimentary sports performance evaluation. This gives our team an understanding of where you’re starting, the skills you want to focus on and your sports performance training goals. We’ll use this information to develop a personalized training plan for you.

Evaluations consist of strength, flexibility and range-of-motion tests, as well as on-field drills. They take an hour to complete.

An athlete is smiling while doing a band drill on turf.
An athlete is doing a cone drill while his teammates are watching in line.

train at our state-of-the-art facility in St. Louis Park

In order to train at your best, you need the best. We built our elite facility with the needs of our athletes in mind. Our sports performance gym has world-class equipment to build your agility, power and speed. You’ll find a recovery area with a wide range of equipment to help you cool down after training and a smoothie bar where you can get a snack. We also have spaces where athletes can meet with TRIA physical therapists to recover after a sports injury or tough workout.

Train at our state-of-the-art facility in St. Louis Park.
An inside look of hand weights and stability balls on racks.
A physical therapist evaluates his client.
A physical therapist smiling while working.

play safer, recover faster

Training like the pros can be hard on the body. That’s why the coaches at TRIA GameFace use sports performance training techniques proven to prevent sports injuries while building strength, speed and stamina. We’ve also partnered with TRIA for expert physical therapy services.

If you end up pushing the limits while training or if you’re recovering from a sports injury, TRIA physical therapy experts are on site to help you heal. Our coaches and TRIA specialists create a personal recovery plan for each athlete to get you back to peak performance as quickly and safely as possible.

work with experienced sports performance coaches

We understand that each athlete is different. Our performance coaches will connect with you on an individual level to create a fully personalized program that maximizes your natural gifts and strengthens your weaknesses.

The sports performance coaches at TRIA GameFace go through rigorous training before stepping into the gym to coach our athletes. Our diverse group of coaches brings a range of training and experience to our program, enabling us to elevate all types of athletes. Professional qualifications of our coaches include:

An elite athlete is doing a ladder drill on the turf.
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real athletes, real victories

We’re more than coaches, we’re partners on your journey to achieve greatness. Hear from our athletes to learn how they’ve grown with TRIA GameFace.


GameFace is a team that dives deep, understands your journey, and fights alongside you. My NFL Pre-Draft experience was truly exceptional thanks to their expertise and support.


The GameFace staff push me to be the best athlete and the best man I can be. I’m so grateful for all of the relationships I’ve made along with all the work that we’ve put in together.


It’s a really big family environment. They’ve not only made me stronger in the weight room but they care about me and have done so much for me. DeVentri is like family.


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We're more than coaches; we're your dedicated partners in achieving greatness. With experienced coaches and world-class facilities, we're here to guide you through mastering your sport while embracing the critical details that champions never overlook.