minnesota’s leader in sports performance training

    minnesota’s leader in sports performance training

Knowledgable coaches

All of our trainers go through a 200 hour internship with us to ensure they know what it is to be a Game Face Performance Coach. They learn our training systems and become adept to learning and addressing the needs of every client.

Tailored Programs

We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach. Every person who comes through our doors receives their own personal workout program. We know fitness is not a one size fits all concept.

State of the art facility

Our 12,000 square foot facility is the perfect place for every type of training. With a 60 yard stretch of indoor turf, world class lifting, and cardio equipment. We have everything necessary to give you the training you need.

At the time I thought Game Face would just be a place I would improve physically, but little did I know that Game Face was going to change my life

Ellie Hoyt – Collegiate Volleyball

Every day I come in to work with a smile on my face knowing not only that I’m going to get a great workout, but I’m going to be surrounded with amazing people.

Jake Weineke – Professional Wide Receiver


Team Training
Football, soccer, basketball, track…… you name it we train it. Through partnerships with AAU basketball programs, soccer clubs, and high schools. Our team training program makes it easy for everyone to take advantage of GFTS.
Performance Training
All of our comprehensive training programs in one, and tailored to your needs. Whether your training for a specific sport, or training to get in shape for yourself. Our personal training program has the right way to help you reach your goals!
Adult Fitness
When you think of a performance training facility It can seem intimidating. We offer a wide variety of adult fitness options, and you retain all of the resources of our performance training clients. If you’re looking to switch up the routine, and have some fun at the same time. This program is for you!





athletes trained


d1-d2 colleigate athletes


professional athletes trained

Strength Training

Programs designed with emphasis on strength and power. Built to help our athletes develop explosiveness, power, and overall strength.


Developed with a focus on linear, and lateral quickness and explosiveness. Emphasis on proper form, acceleration, and deceleration. Complimented by our strength program. Our speed program aims to make athletes as fast as possible.


Development of movement speed & power. We use pre programmed movement methods, random, and sport specific to ensure that our athletes move properly in any given situation.


Recovery is essential in any training regiment. From dynamic stretching, to foam rolling. Our regeneration sessions help alleviate muscle soreness, and prevent in-game injuries for our athletes.


*Does not include promotional or group rates.

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