About TRIA GameFace

With proprietary sports performance training programs developed through 20 years of experience, TRIA GameFace has coached thousands of athletes to victory. Get to know who we are, meet our sports performance coaches and see our sports performance gym.

The TRIA GameFace difference

We train the entire athlete through physical conditioning, mental conditioning, nutrition and recovery. Each athlete is set up for success with our state-of-the- art sports performance gym, training equipment, amenities and top-tier coaches. At TRIA GameFace, we have everything you need to beat the competition.

No two athletes are the same. This is why we create fully personalized training plans for each athlete that comes through our door. Starting with the sports performance evaluation, we’ll establish your current fitness level and use that information to identify your strengths and opportunities for growth. Together, we’ll help you achieve your performance goals.

We also believe in combining sports performance training with medical science. By partnering with TRIA for orthopedics and sports medicine services, we’re uniquely equipped to help athletes who are recovering from sports injuries, sustain an injury while training or need additional support to effectively recover after training.

Meet our sports performance coaches

We know that it takes elite coaches to train elite athletes. TRIA GameFace is proud to work with a diverse team of experienced coaches. Each coach on our team has an average of 5 years training athletes, bringing years of hard-won experience and wisdom to our clients.

At TRIA GameFace, our coaches push the limits of each athlete’s ability with a personalized training program. From a comprehensive sports performance training methodology to advanced nutrition and recovery, our coaches train bodies and minds to surpass the competition.

Sports performance coach credentials include:
A team of athletes doing a drill on a turf field.
A coach guides athletes through conditioning drills.
A coach guides athletes through dumbbell drills.
TRIA GameFace founder, DeVentri Jordan smiling at his training facility in St. Louis Park, MN

Our founder: DeVentri Jordan

DeVentri Jordan trained elite athletes for over 22 years. Now, he’s built an innovative program focused on making you the next MVP. With a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies, and a master’s degree in kinesiology, DeVentri has used his skills to train athletes for Under Amour® and IMG Academy – the world’s largest multisport training and educational institution.

He created GameFace in 2012 and has since trained thousands of top high school talents, hundreds of college D1 players and incredible pro athletes using his comprehensive sports training methodology, which includes strength and conditioning, nutrition, recovery and rehabilitation offerings.

See our sports performance gym in St. Louis Park, Minnesota

If you want to be a world-class athlete, you deserve a world-class facility. Train with us in our exceptional sports performance gym in St. Louis Park. We offer a wide range of training equipment, recovery areas where you can see TRIA sports medicine experts on site. Here, you’ll have access to everything you need in one place.

Train at our state-of-the-art facility in St. Louis Park.
A photo of training equipment in the TRIA GameFace St. Louis Park facility.
An athlete in a recovery chair wearing Normatec leg compression sleeves.

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