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Better Training Starts Here

Before we train any athlete, we start with a complimentary evaluation to help us better understand where the athlete is starting, areas of interest and focus, and desired goals and outcomes. This information will help guide our coaches with an optimal program to improve overall performance, and ultimately achieve their desired goals.



Our athletic assessment of on-field drills and a series of strength, flexibility and range-of-motion tests takes 60 minutes to complete.



Coaches will evaluate and review the evaluation results to establish a baseline of current fitness & performance level. , We’ll discuss the athlete’s goals by sport and identify players strengths and opportunities and the right plan to help them achieve optimal performance and their respective goals.



Together, we’ll discuss the athlete’s training history, medical conditions or limitations, and goals to achieve success. We’ll then discuss the optimal plan and/or program that will help the athlete achieve their desired performance goals.



Utilizing our incredible, state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and amenities our top tier coaches will activate the athlete’s program and get to work. We focus on the complete athlete – mind, body, nutrition and recovery providing them access to everything they’ll need to be successful.