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We’ve helped thousands of athletes achieve their goals. Now, it’s your turn. Take your game to the next level with a sports performance training program that’s proven to help athletes of all ages and sports.

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sports performance training that focuses on the whole athlete

Athletes of all sports can benefit from data-driven sports performance training. The core of our program is total-body conditioning that improves power, agility and movement to achieve optimal performance.

Our athletes work in small groups and one-on-one with our experienced coaches. We guide them through a warm-up that’s designed to prevent injury, strength training exercises, agility training exercises, core training and more. And because we train the entire athlete, our program also includes nutrition support and recovery techniques. Program memberships for training with TRIA GameFace start at $200.


get started with a complimentary sports performance evaluation

Every athlete undergoes a detailed assessment of their current fitness and performance levels. Evaluations consist of strength, flexibility and range-of- motion tests, and on-field drills. They take an hour to complete.

Our proven approach to strength, agility and speed training

Everything we do is specifically designed to help athletes reach their peak performance. The TRIA GameFace training system focuses on strength training, agility, speed and the mobility of each athlete while preventing overtraining and injury.

Depending on our athlete’s training level, we offer two-, three- and four-day programs. During training sessions, athletes train through all aspects of movement and major lifts through a microcycle. This means that they get equal time training as they do in recovery to support total-body conditioning. Training sessions are broken into six parts: prehabilitation, activation, power development, movement, lifting and core training.

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Each session begins with prehabilitation to prevent pain and injury. During prehabilitation, we’ll use targeted exercises to strengthen vulnerable areas, improve joint function and increase mobility. Our coaches pay special attention to your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles to protect your body so you can train longer and more comfortably.

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Next, we’ll wake up your body and ensure that your brain is communicating with your muscles during the activation stage. Our coaches will guide you through a series of muscle-isolating exercises, including mini band walks, fire hydrants and planks. During activation, you’ll train at a slow tempo with exaggerated contractions so we can watch for inefficiencies, muscle weakness or compensatory movements.

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Power development

Power development combines strength and speed training to build optimal power – how quickly you can exert force to make a desired movement. We focus on building strength and speed together through medicine ball training, plyometrics and Olympic lifts.

With the correct strength training and speed training, athletes will learn how to generate power from their feet and core. This skill is transferrable to every sport. Our coaches will guide you through the proper form and exercises you need to generate explosive power.

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Sports are about acceleration, not just speed. During the movement stage of your sports performance training, you’ll go through a combination of agility training, velocity training, sport-specific drills, general drills and speed mechanics.

Movement training will be broken into three different focuses: speed, lateral movement, and change of direction (COD). You’ll spend one day a week working on acceleration and maximum velocity. Another day will be spent on agility training with lateral movement and COD exercises. You’ll progress from drills in a closed environment to open-environment drills.

If you’re in a program where you train with TRIA GameFace for three or four days a week, we’ll add sport-specific drills to your movement training. Whether you need agility training for soccer or acceleration training for football, our coaches can help.

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We break down lifting training into intentional movements that enable us to train each movement once during the week. We train smarter, not harder, to safely build your strength and progress into more complex lifts. The quality of the movement is more important than the number of repetitions. We use reasonable sets and reps that focus on correct movement and progression.

you’ll work through a range of movements, including:
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Core training

Your abdominal muscles are stabilizers, so the purpose of core training is to prevent unwanted movement. We’ll work to strengthen your core every day through strength training, core exercises and breathing techniques. Core training is broken into four categories:

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customized sports performance training

TRIA GameFace also offers customized sports performance training packages for those who want to focus on building specific skills or are looking for a completely personalized program. When you come in for your sports performance evaluation, talk with our coaches about what you’re looking for. We’ll work with you to create a plan that targets your specific goals.

An athlete doing a movement drill on a turf field.
A female athlete in a lunge position doing a drill with a dumbbell.
A physical therapist evaluates his client.

Sports injury prevention and recovery

Our experienced coaches use training techniques and best practices proven to prevent sports injuries. You’ll get hands-on guidance and support during your sports performance training to ensure that you’re using the correct form and recovering when needed.

But injuries can happen. If you push yourself past your limit during training or if you’re recovering from a sports injury and need to get back to optimal performance, we can help. We’ve partnered with TRIA for expert physical therapy services. You can meet with TRIA experts on site at our location in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. They’ll work with our coaches to create a personal recovery plan that gets you back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.

TRIA athletic trainers are also available to help you recover from a sports injury and get back in the game. Consider them “sports health advocates.” They’ll help you return to training, teach you how to prevent future injuries and can provide sideline emergency care and clinical diagnosis.

Nutritional planning

How you fuel your body is as important as how you train. Athletes who train with TRIA GameFace will get support with nutritional planning to meet their performance goals. Whether you’re looking to build muscle or cut body fat, we’ll help you create a personalized meal plan.

Supplements can also help fuel your body as you train and recover. We’ll recommend pre- and post- workout supplements to take your training to the next level.

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Our sports performance facility

Everything you need to achieve your sports performance goals is in one place – our world-class sports performance gym right here in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. You’ll have access to industry-leading equipment and amenities under one roof, including:

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